Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Working for the Weekend!}

Thursday, Thursday, it Friday yet??? I feel like I have been up FOREVER today. Matt left for Ohio this morning for a car show, which translates to {I got up SUPER D~Duper early} So 5:00 can roll around at any time now, pretty please??

&& to make matters is pretty boring today...
I would much rather be here rather than the seat I am sitting in...But not to say I am ungrateful for my job...I would just like more vacay time =) {'Paid, Don't have to use my PTO' vacay time} Amen, anyone??

Maybe I can find some awesome deals or some fantabulous "re-do" ideas {fingers crossed} Hopefully I can get to putting some pics from this weekend up since Matt will be gone for the next couple days. I miss him dearly while he is gone, but OH the things I get DONE while he is away!! {Love you honey!}

Okay, back to work for a few hours, then home with my little loverface...OOOooo, I L♥Ve her.

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  1. AMEN!!!! Except it's only 10:00AM here, so I still have a full day to go...Ahhhhh! What's even more of a tease is that I'm surrounded by beaches that look like your pic, but my weekend is completely booked so I won't be visiting one anytime soon =(

    Oh well, I'm happy, healthy, loved and employed - so I can't complain =)