Friday, October 15, 2010

{Time for a BUDGET!!}

So....I am really, really trying to be money conscience with my everyday spending.  I am now listening to Dave Ramsey everyday through the podcast and LOVE IT!  It is SO exciting to hear people get out & stay out of debt by making some tough, but awesome decisions.  I am also listening to another couple through their podcast, Rebound Podcast.  Even though I don't have near the debt some of these people do, I still have life ahead of me and want to be prepared so that I don't have to go into debt.  I know at some point I will buy a home, have to purchase a car for Kayleigh, and hopefully (if she so chooses) pay for her education.  I'm also sure there will be a billion other "emergencies" and unplanned purchases along the way and I WANT TO BE PREPARED.  So, I'm starting NOW.  (Actually, I started about a week ago, but the point is I started!)

My online banking system has a tool called "Online Portfolio", which I LOVE.  It helps me to keep track of my spending and I can categorize transactions so I know WHERE I am spending my $$.  Also, I try to supplement my income with little side things here and there like: earning points (which are converted into cash) through taking surveys at Opinion Outpost, earning points and trading the points in for gift cards at MyPoints (which I just received a $25 Visa Gift card this week...WooHoo!!), I have turned Gold into Cash, I consign Kayleigh's clothes for a few extra bucks, SwagBucks, and I'm starting a new adventure...Secret Shopping!  I am excited to be responsible, accountable, and successful!!

Anyone else budgeting these days??

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