Monday, August 16, 2010

{It's Monday, again...}

It's Monday again...but it's actually not been a terribly bad day. This weekend was actually pretty great. I bartended Friday night for some extra $$$, which is ALWAYS fabulous & Saturday I spent the day with Kay-Bug & my Mom...I ♥ girl time. Yesterday, Kayleigh and I attended church and we were pretty lazy the rest of the afternoon until Matt came home from Ohio.

Speaking of Matt, I just got a phone call from him & he is on cloud 492 =) His reserve post just called and offered him a job for two weeks in November in Quantico, VA. He is super excited...and so am I to be quite honest. I know this will be a great learning experience for him! &&& he gets paid active duty pay, which is a Major +++. Although, I will miss him a little bit =)

So...I'm thinking dinner tonight will be something light since Matt and I are trying to do better with our eating & exercise habits. Matt has been running at night with his friend Derek and I have been walking with my Mom. I have a long way to go, but being in shape sure feels nice. So, Quiznos is sounding pretty good... & this coupon (expires 8/18) makes it sound EVEN better =)

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